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NC milling machine:7sets
1. usage:machining on plane surface, special hole, irregular hole, large diameter hole, groove, step etc.
2. tolerance: ¡À0.1mm

CNC processing center:6sets
1.usage:machining as drilling, milling, tapping, screw thread, also arc surface.

Open Back Inclinable Power Press:
1. Kind: 7 kinds punch press in 10Tons, 16Tons, 25Tons, 30Tons, 40Tons, 60Tons, 80Tons.
2. Usage: punching hole, punching the logo or letters, bending, extended pulling£¬rolling etc.
3. Tolerance: ¡À0.1mm.

Bench Tapping machine:
1. Kind: 9 sets of drilling machines which used to do thread machining process for the product. The thread diameter we can process ranges various from 2mm to 12mm.
2. Tolerance: ¡À0.1mm

NC lathe 14sets:
usage: machining on the round inner or outer surface, also screw thread. tolerance:¡À0.05mm

Multifunctional Bench Drilling Machine:
1. We have 15 sets of multifunctional bench drilling machines. 2 to 8 drills for drilling holes at the same time. It is used for machining the product which full of many holes. The holes range from 2 to 12mm.
2. Tolerance: ¡À0.1mm

Single Bench Drilling Machine:
1. According to the Max Drill Capacity, there are four kinds of drilling machine as 16mm, 6mm, 13mm, 12mm. Total in 11 sets. The holes diameter we can machine range from 2to 12mm.
2. Tolerance: ¡À0.1mm

Cutting machine: 6sets
Kind: automatic and semiautomatic cutting machine.
Usage: Cutting the hardware product in each length according to customer¡¯s requirement.
Tolerance: ¡À0.1mm

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